Miss Ginger is a stunning mature and experienced dominatrix who has honed her skills for over two decades. With her mature demeanor, captivating beauty and sharp tongue she exudes an air of authority that commands attention. But her talents don't end there. Miss Ginger is also a nurse and certified hypnotist, allowing her to delve into the depths of her subjects mind and explore all the possibilities of the subconscious. With her diverse array of skills, Miss Ginger offers a unique and unforgettable experience for those who dare to venture into her world.

About Miss Ginger

”Mistress Ginger is a consumate hypnotist. i was completely lost in Her words and they still linger in my mind even now” - t

"Unbelievable experience, such a hypnotic voice. I can never get enough and always look forward to the next time. Truly exceptional woman."

"Wonderful to chat with! Mistress Ginger Monroe is an amazing hypnotist with a deeply hypnotic voice and very, very fun. Being hypnotized by Mistress Ginger is exquisite"

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"A phone session with Mistress Ginger is so incredible. Sexy voice, devious mind and that evil, sexy laugh when she is torturing you. If you get a chance, submit to her"

"Excellent domme, empathic and will dominate you based on your needs and which way she sees best. Very confident, beautiful, and understands her position and yours"

"Dom Nurse Ginger has again explored my medical condition and filled me to the limit and then beyond..what an experienced and understanding Mistress...a true practicer of the arts...and a must call..so addictive"

"Mistress Ginger's hypnotic skills are unparalleled, her words continue to mesmerize me."